Gate Drive Output

Approval Bodies

Approval Category

Baud Rate


Continuous Collector Current Ic Max

Current Ic Continuous a Max

Data Rate

External Depth

External Length / Height

External Width

Fall Time tf

Forward Current If(AV)

Input Current

Isolation Voltage

Lead Spacing

Multiple Data Rates

No. of Channels

No. of Pins

Nom Voltage Vol

Operating Temperature Max

Operating Temperature Min

Operating Temperature Range

Optocoupler Case Style

Optocoupler Type

Output Current

Output Voltage

Output Voltage Max

Peak Forward Current

Peak Output Current

Product Range

Propagation Time H-L

Propagation Time L-H

Rise Time

Row Pitch


Supply Voltage

Supply Voltage Max

Supply Voltage Min

Voltage Vcc Max

Voltage Vcc Min

Voltage Vcm